Rachel’s Challenge Comes to Green River High School


Alex Jackson, a presenter for Rachel’s Challenge, visited Green River High School (GRHS) on Wednesday to speak about Rachel’s Challenge and help students come up with projects for their school and community.

Rachel Joy Scott was the first person killed in the Columbine High School shooting on April 20, 1999. After her death, numerous students that were influenced by Rachel’s kind acts reached out to her family to share stories of her kindness and the effect it had on their lives. That is when the non-profit organization called Rachel’s Challenge was created.

Jackson has been a presenter for the organization for nine years and a friend of the family. He is one of 30 that travel to share Rachel’s story and help start a chain reaction for a positive environment for schools all over the country. The organization helps connect students together and start a chain reaction of kindness.

Jackson introduced himself and covered some key components about Rachel’s Challenge. He then shared a story of a life-long friend who recently committed suicide and how it effected him before inviting students to come in front of the school to share their story.

The school’s principal came up first to share why she loves Rachel’s Challenge. “I love it not because of her death, but because of what she did before her death.” says Kayce Fluckey, GRHS Principal. Two students also got up to share their touching stories with their classmates.

Jackson went on to explain about the F.O.R. Club. The Friends of Rachel Club is an organization in which students come up with projects to do around their school and community to help start a chain reaction of kindness in the students’ environment. He then split the students into 10 groups to plan projects. Each group came up with three original projects to help promote kindness, encouraging others and friendship.



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