Racing Season Continues at Desert Thunder Raceway


Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

The Desert Thunder Raceway continued its busy season on April 23 and 24. Competitors ranged from local residents to visitors from Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho and more.

Dirt began stirring on Friday evening with the IMCA Modified. For the feature 1, Braxton Yeager of Green River, Wyoming, finished first. Price’s Wyatt Howard finished first in heat one, while Bert Beech of Rock Springs, Wyoming, took the first-place finish in the second heat.

In the IMCA Stock Car feature 1, Farmington, New Mexico’s Zane DeVilbiss finished first. The first heat finish went to Race Fisher of Dove Creek, Colorado, while the second heat finish was claimed again by DeVilbiss.

Feature 1 and the first heat of the IMCA Northern SportMod both saw Bo Partain of Casa Grande, Arizona in first while Brian Carey of Aztec, New Mexico took the first spot in the second heat. Up next, the race was on for the IMCA Hobby Stock. Feature 1 and the first heat’s top finish went to Jason Duggins of Farmington, New Mexico.

305 Modified saw Price’s Braiden Olsen in first for feature one and Richard Clegg on top in the first heat. Sport Stock’s first-place finishes went to Cole Olsen of Helper, while Bombers saw Price’s Pace Herrera on top throughout. Herrera and Olsen took first in feature one and heat one, respectively, for the Sport Mini Bomber as well.

Saturday’s competition began with DeVilbiss taking first in the feature one and first heat on the IMCA Modified. He was joined by Beech, who finished first in the second heat. Aaron Spangler of Dove Creek finished first in both feature 1 and heat one of the IMCA Stock Car, followed by DeVilbiss in first during the second heat.

Partain found himself victorious once again, finishing first in both feature one and heat one of the IMCA Northern SportMod. Traeger Sperry of Green River, Wyoming, took first in the second heat. Duggins took first in both feature one and heat one of the IMCA Hobby Stock, followed by Price’s Braiden Olsen, first in both categories for the 305 Modified.

Zachary Seal of Price and Olsen of Helper took first in feature one and heat one, respectively, in Sport Stock and Payce Herrera scored both top spots in Bombers. Finally, Herrera and Olsen nabbed the top spots in the Sport Mini Bomber.

The next event is slated to take place on Friday, May 7 at the raceway.

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