Radio Station Specifics and More Discussed at Carbon County Commission Meeting


Carbon County Commissioners gathered on Tuesday to discuss a few key items of importance and issues in the county.

Karen Dolan with Four Corners spoke on the Utah Yes grant that it was given last year, which is a five-year contract. Four Corners takes in adolescents and young adults from ages 16 to 25 that have symptoms of or have ongoing mental health issues. The program gives them services that are needed and helps to stabilize their illness. An additional amendment has changed some statements. One thing that Four Corners added is that it asks to have youth helped in obtaining and maintaining employment. Four Corners has served about 60 youth since December of last year. The motion in question was approved.

Tony Basso and Paul Anderson from both of the local radio stations then approached commissioners to discuss the possibility of the translators for the stations to be sold to the stations. The main concern in place with selling the translators is the fact that if the licenses were released it can increase the power transmitted. There is a certain sound level that has to be complied with.

However, Anderson stated that he spoke with Dave Doherty from the FCC who stated that unless the county has special authorization, the FCC requires that the power be run at a certain level. The quality of the stations can be improved with the sale.

“We’re not doing the public a service with the quality of the stations.” Basso said.

The commissioners agreed to look further into the sale if contracts are written and requirements are discussed.




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