Raising LCA Awareness Through Bowling for the Blind Tournament


Supporters gathered at Jensen’s Country Lanes on Saturday to participate in the first ever Bowling for the Blind tournament. Money raised at the event will go to the Oakley Giraud Foundation to fund research for¬†Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) blindness.

It is estimated that only 3,000 cases of LCA currently exist in the United States, making it a rare disease and one which is not heavily researched.

Giraud was diagnosed with the disease when she was four months old. From that point on, her parents have vowed to help find a cure. They started the foundation to raise money for research and to provide awareness about LCA.

Over 50 bowlers competed in the tournament hoping to make a difference in the LCA battle. Sonny Buscarini had the most strikes in a row with a perfect score of 300. Ivy Marshall had the most gutter balls in a row and Danielle Bruno claimed the lowest series of the tournament title.

Kathy Rushnow finished in first place, Gary Turner in second and Vickie Kulow placed third at the Bowling for the Blind event.

The Giraud family would like to thank all of the generous sponsors who made the event possible: Jensen Country Lanes, Dr. Broadwater, Longwall West, Tony Basso GM, Dawn at Allstate, Southeast Paint, Robby and Allison at Don Marcos and Tribal Graphic Custom Artwork, Apple Country Crafts, Marsha’s Sammich Shop, Sherald’s Frosty Freeze, Greek Streak, Balance Rock Eatery, Cowboy Kitchen, Arby’s and Marc with M.A.T. Cases.

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