Re-Certification of the Carbon County Justice Court Reviewed by Commissioners


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Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner presented an item to the commissioners during their Wednesday evening meeting regarding the re-certification of the justice court. Bryner informed the commissioners that they have been asked to certify that Carbon County meets the standards necessary to have a fully functioning justice court.

The resolution also requests to clarify that a letter was received to declare the classification. Furthermore, Bryner explained that the re-certification letter touches on a number of items to state what a justice court must have. The Carbon County Justice Court is a class 1 justice court due to handling over 501 cases on average each month.

Handling that number of cases means that the court must be open eight hours per day, five days per week with three full-time clerks with 10 hours of training, a bailiff and court security as well as a separate room for the jury and victims. The court must also boast a full-time judge with 30 hours of training and must be furnished with local prosecutors as well as an agreement with public defenders.

The court is also required to be 1,100 square feet with a flag in the court and use of the statewide chorus case reporting system. A final requirement is a reporting of court expenses periodically.

According to Bryner, the court meets all of those standards and need to declare such to certify as complying with all state standards to operate for another four years. This was approved by the commissioners.

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