Real Men Wear Pink: Castleview Surgeons Educate at Girl’s Night Out Event


Lobules, sentinel lymph node, atypical hyperplasia. While these words are not common utterances in women’s everyday vocabulary, Castleview Hospital general surgeons Dr. Kyle Jeffery, Dr. Jon Pressett and Dr. Wayne Cox helped clear the air and educate attendees on these terms and many others at the Girl’s Night Out event on Monday.

Hosted by the hospital, the event featured educational presentations about breast cancer, touching base on the disease’s cause, risk factors, treatment and more.

Dr. Jeffery was the first to speak, explaining how breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in woman with one in every eight woman being diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime. While that statement sounds dire, Dr. Jeffery explained how mortality rates are decreasing as treatment becomes more advanced.

Dr. Pressett next took to the mic as he took time to speak on diagnostic steps taken when breast cancer is suspected as well as treatments available to patients in the local area. The surgeon briefly explained different stages of breast cancer as well as treatment options, some of which include surgery, chemotherapy and therapies before and after surgery.

Nicole Bradley, RN, expanded on Dr. Pressett’s presentation, explaining how the hospital’s chemotherapy and IV infusion center offers treatment locally. Patients can receive chemotherapy treatment locally as suggested by their oncologist.

Dr. Cox also provided information for the event as attendees received informative handouts titled “You Are What You Eat.” Dr. Cox explained through the handout how eating healthy and controlling weight and exercise decrease the risks of death from cancer. Suggestions for healthy items to include in your diet was promoted and included foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish.

Representatives from the hospital’s radiology department were also on hand to explain the important of monthly self examinations and mammograms. Women at the event then had the chance to touch a model to feel for lumps and learn the proper technique for self exams.

Following the presentations, those in attendance were given a personal tour of Castleview’s recently updated radiology department. The tour included up close looks at the hospital’s ultrasounds as well as its mammography machine.

The event was a huge success and I believe it was very beneficial for our community,” said Castleview Hospital Marketing Specialist Angie Child, who helped organize the event. “Our three general surgeons, Dr. Jon Pressett, Dr. Kyle Jeffery and Dr. Wayne Cox, all played a big role in making this night a huge success, as well as our radiology and chemotherapy departments.”

For more information about services offered to local cancer patients, please call Castleview Hospital at (435) 637-4800 or visit

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