Reality Comes To Life at San Rafael Junior High


Every year, the ninth graders at San Rafael Junior High have a career prep day called Reality Town. It is a simulation as if they are 30 years old and are given a career, family, kids and different life scenarios. The job they are given is based on their interests. If they have a higher grade point average, they start out with more money.

The Emery High Sterling Scholars, as well as parents of students and teachers came to help with Reality Town. Some of the stations they were given included medical, dental, entertainment, clothing, home improvement, just my luck, kids corner, pet store, military recruitment, financial counseling, supplemental income, checking and savings, insurance, personal care, communications, groceries, housing, property taxes, utilities, donations, car insurance and transportation.

At the same time on Wednesday San Rafael had Career Day for the seventh graders. About seven different people came to talk to the students about their own career. Some of the people and businesses who came were optometrist Shane Jensen, a representative from Johansen & Tuttle Engineering, Ben West with Computer Science, Attorney Thomas Sitterud, power plant engineer Mark Seely, Amy Bell a school psychologist, Utah Highway Patrolman Levi Oman and a representative from Pro Rehab Physical Therapy.

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