Recent Storms Make Big Impact on Total Precipitation


At the Emery County Public Lands Council meeting on Tuesday morning, Sherrel Ward reported on the precipitation in the area after the much needed snow the valley has received the past several days. The March 3 report is as follows:

Buck Flat 91%
Clear Creek 62%
Mammoth/Cottonwood 69%
Red Pine 82%
Seeley Creek 89%
White River 78%
Basin Wide Index – 77% of normal
Dill’s Camp 109%
Cleveland Reservoir 76%
Millers Flat Reservoir 63%
Huntington North Reservoir 100%
Joes Valley Reservoir 67%
Millsite Reservoir 77%

The snow levels increased by approximately 6% overnight. The totals average to 55% of normal, which means that the community needs another 45% by April 1.

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