Recreational Transportation Plan for Trails Presented to Ferron Planning Commission


By Julie Johansen

The Ferron City Planning Commission opened its meeting on Tuesday evening by granting a business license to Brad Benson for an ATV/side-by-side dealership.

Carson DeMille and Brian Barton from Jones & DeMille Engineering then presented the committee their suggestive plans for recreational transportation trails around Ferron City. The highest priority was non-motorized trails from the city center to Millsite Reservoir and Clawson. Other considerations were given to the schools and Dutch Flat Road.

Barton spoke to the committee about the economic and land use development importance of a trail plan. DeMille then spoke and presented the possibilities of trails in and around the city. They emphasized that everything they suggested was subject to change and served as a way to start the project dialog.

Other considerations included available grants and funding possibilities. Most of the grants are matching grants but they mentioned that Governor Spencer Cox wants to increase recreational grant funding possibilities. Committee members were invited to do some sketching, planning and exploring to determine what plans they would like to present to the Ferron City Council.

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