Red Ribbon Week Contest Winners Honored at Carbon School Board Meeting


Castle Country schools recently hosted their annual Red Ribbon Week. This week is a dedication to the fight against drugs and many activities take place that encourage the students to learn more and stay away from the lifestyle. This year, the Carbon County CARE Coalition also teamed up with the schools to host a special contest.

This contest saw each of the Carbon County schools asking students to enter either an essay or a poster showcasing living a drug-free life. Jade Powell, CARE Coalition Coordinator, visited the Carbon School Board meeting with a number of other coalition members on Wednesday evening to present the winners.

The theme for the contest was “Life is a Journey: Travel Drug Free” and it was asked that each essay or poster pertained to the theme. The CARE Coalition previously hosted a special judging portion for the posters and essays during a November meeting. A student from each local school and each grade was then chosen.

In kindergarten, Swayzee Anderton of Castle Heights was chosen. First grade was Maggi Burdick of Creekview Elementary while Rebekah Trostel of Bruin Point’s second grade class was chosen. Winners continued through third grade, Cierra Cartwright of Wellington Elementary, and fourth grade, Jordan Olson of Sally Mauro, while Annalee Rappleyea of Sally Mauro’s fifth grade topped off the contest winners.

Each student had a unique poster that was chosen, with the exception of Rappleyea. She had the lone essay chosen from the contest and took a few minutes during the meeting to read it to the crowd and board members. Those that won were also awarded with a year’ supply of ice cream by the means of a punch card, which were obtained through efforts with each of the different PTA organizations.

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