Region 19 Golf Meets at Carbon Country Club *Photo Gallery*


Green River and Pinnacle met at Carbon Country Club on Thursday.

Rad Hughes had the best day, scoring a 96 round. Fellow Pirate Payton Romero came in second with 99 strokes. They were followed by Justin Neumann and Brendin Bigelow from Pinnacle with 107 strokes apiece. Mikey Vigil (PCA, 119) and Ryker Meadows (GRHS, 136) rounded off the scoring for the two schools.

On the girls’ side, Morgan Bastian (GRHS) led the way with 103 strokes. She was trailed by Ashlyn Behunin (PCA) with 129 strokes, Persephone Jones (PCA) with 135 strokes, Abby Erwin (GRHS) with 141 strokes and Darolani Motte (PCA) 148 strokes.

The two teams will next meet at regionals on Friday.

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