Region 23 Competes at Moab


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Green River, Monticello and Pinnacle met in Moab last week for Region 23 golf. While the Buckaroos stole the show, both Green River and Pinnacle are optimistic about their teams.

Ashlyn Behunin took second overall for the Lady Panthers with a 118 round. River Cannans scored 126 while Avree Atwood and Darolani Motte each scored 135 and Persephone Jones scored 143. For the Panther boys, Jaxon Cranford led the way with 136. He was followed by Raymond Winder (158), Karder Anderson (160) and Nathan Behunin (161).

The top two golfers for the Pirates were Ryker Meadows and newcomer Joe Vollmer. Meanwhile, Abby Erwin led the Lady Pirates. “Abby is doing really well. She is our top all around golfer and the most experienced,” said coach Kayce Fluckey.

The teams will next meet on Tuesday in Green River.

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