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Utah State University Extension Press Release

Life these days is a bit topsy-turvy and it can certainly be tough for families to feel a sense of security and calm. However, it is important for parents to help children feel safe, keep healthy routines, manage their behaviors and build resilience. Parenting is not easy, but Utah State University Extension in Carbon County has launched a series of parenting workshops that can help.

Active Parenting is an evidence-based, video and discussion program authored by Dr. Michael Popkin, one of the nation’s foremost experts on parenting education. According to Christina Pay, USU Extension Assistant Professor and facilitator of the series, Active Parenting is a proven-effective approach to parenting that will lead to more harmony and happiness for both parents and children.

“Active Parenting will give parents skills to achieve a fuller, more satisfying family life and help their children achieve greater happiness and success,” Pay said. “It is perhaps one of the most effective “how to” programs for raising children.”

Active Parenting includes three modules: Active Parenting First Five Years (youth ages 0-5), Active Parenting 4th Edition (youth ages 5-12) and Active Parenting of Teens (youth ages 11-18). Active Parenting workshops are being held over Zoom.

“We’re almost finished with the First Five Years workshop, which began the first week of October,” Pay stated. “Currently, we’re looking forward to beginning the 4th Edition workshop on Nov. 2”.

The Active Parenting 4th Edition workshop will teach participants effective ways to:

• Use nonviolent discipline that really works
• Open up lines of communication before they get clogged
• Teach responsibility, courage and other important character traits
• Encourage school success
• Prevent future problems with drugs, alcohol and sex
• Defuse power struggles with their children
• Stimulate independence as children grow older
• Stop scolding and start smiling with their kids again

Active Parenting of Teens workshop, which begins in January, will give parents the guidance and support they need to turn the challenges of raising a teenager into opportunities for growth. Participants will learn:

• Methods of respectful discipline
• Skills for clear, honest communication
• Concrete strategies to prevent risky behavior
• How to be an encouraging parent
• Insight into important issues such as teens online, bullying and depression

Active Parenting is for couples, single parents, grandparents and other caregivers of children. Registration information can be found on Eventbrite or by calling the Extension office at (435) 636-3233. The cost to register is $10, which includes a participant workbook. Space is limited, so it is recommended that those interested register early.

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