Rehabilitation Fence Dedicated


Members of the Four Corners Coalition presented and dedicated an abuse and rehabilitation memorial fence at noon Monday in the Price City Peace Gardens.

The fence was designed as an inspiration to those struggling with abuse or addiction.

Four Corners Coalition Chairman Kaylum Paleta said, “[We want] to let family members know that if they have family members dealing with addiction or people who are currently going through addiction that recovery is possible.”

The fence will be placed around newly planted “recovery” trees to protect the trees from potential damage. Price City plans to plant the first tree in Heritage Park in approximately two weeks. Plaques will eventually accompany the new tree.

Many organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club and Price City Council, helped with the fence construction.

The Coalition has encouraged the public to write down abuse or addiction recovery stories and pin them to the fence so others can refer to words for inspiration.

The organization had been working on various versions of the program since February.

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