Remember the 27 Lost in the Wilberg Mine Disaster at Upcoming Ceremony


Photo from the Sun Advocate archives

The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) recently made the announcement that it has organized a special remembrance memorial for the Wilberg Mine disaster.

On Dec. 19, it will have been 35 years since the Wilberg Mine disaster, where 27 lives were needlessly lost. The UMWA stated that the remembrance memorial is slated for Oct. 22 at the Wilberg Monument. This is located at the Junction of Highway 29 and Highway 57. The memorial will begin at 4 p.m.

International Secretary-Treasurer Levi Allen has been scheduled as the keynote speaker. Also in attendance to say a few words in remembrance will be Jaceson Maughan, who is the Labor Commissioner for the Utah Labor Commission.

The United Mine Workers of America tribute will be conducted with the evergreens, including a lantern ceremony. UMWA members expressed that they hope for all to participate. There are no expected changes to the schedule and the UMWA expressed that it will inform all of any changes if needed.

Those that are family members of the lost and wish to present a lantern should contact Tanya at (435) 637-2037 as soon as possible in order to be added to the presentation list.

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