“Remember Wilberg” to Premiere at Emery High


Photo by Michelle Pilling, courtesy of the “Remember Wilberg” Facebook page, showcases the outer building of the Wilberg Mine. 

A project over two years in the making will have its debut at Emery High school in February as “Remember Wilberg” premieres with two screenings. The documentary showcases Wilberg Mine and highlights the disaster that claimed 27 lives in 1984.

“The Wilberg Mine is a coal mine located in Emery County, Utah,” film creators shared. “The fire that claimed the lives of 27 miners on December 19, 1984 was caused by a faulty air compressor allowed to run in a non-fire-proofed area. This documentary will focus on fire hazards in an underground operation, as well as general hazard recognition and accident investigation issues.”

The creators explained that while the primary audience for “Remember Wilberg” will be mine rescue team members, the video will be relevant to all miners.

“Not only will this video touch on hazards present in underground coal mining, but it will cover general hazards and safety issues that will be applicable to all mining operations,” creators further shared.

“Remember Wilberg” will be screened in Emery High’s auditorium on Thursday, February 16. Two screenings will take place, with the first starting at 10 a.m. and the second taking place at 7 p.m. The director, Elaine Cullen, and producer, Mark Clive, will both be in attendance.

“Since this project began in September, 2014, many people have graciously given time and effort to make it happen. Please come and celebrate with us,” film creators said on Facebook. “We are honored to tell this important story, and humbled by the experience of getting to know Emery County and its wonderful people.”

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