Rep. Albrecht Gives Legislative Update


By Representative Carl Albrecht, District 70


The Legislative Redistricting Committee has been busy at work, traveling across the state to gather input and review maps. Be sure to submit your own maps for consideration using the state-of-the-art drawing tool found at

The Legislature will convene in a Special Session in mid-November to approve maps that will determine Utah’s boundaries for the next decade. You can stay up-to-date by following the Legislative Redistricting Committee on social media (Twitter & Facebook) and visiting

Vaccine Mandates

President Biden recently instructed the Department of Labor to require all businesses with more than 100 employees to either mandate employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine or show a weekly negative test. The President’s decision to mandate vaccinations on private entities is unprecedented and unacceptable. While a private business may choose to require vaccinations or testing for its employees, the government requiring businesses to take those steps is textbook overreach.

Speaker of the House Brad Wilson said, “I want to reaffirm my continued support for the vaccination effort. Vaccines have proven to be the most effective measure to reduce the strain on our hospitals and save lives. However, requiring employers to force these decisions upon their employees is not the proper role of government and should not become the new precedent.”

Veterans Home Service Project

The Utah House Majority Caucus participated in a service project at the William E. Christoffersen Salt Lake Veterans Home. Representatives pulled weeds, painted garden boxes, planted flowers and helped with other landscaping needs. We loved the opportunity to give back to our veterans and appreciate all they have done to serve our country.

Monoclonal Antibody Treatments 

Monoclonal antibody treatment centers are now providing care for Utah patients. These treatments should not be a replacement for the vaccine but can reduce the burden on our hospitals by preventing hospitalizations and saving lives. Consult with your healthcare provider if you are high risk and test positive for COVID-19.

Learn more about monoclonal antibody treatments here:

September Interim Meetings 

The Legislature met together in September to resume interim meetings. Committees discussed several important and timely issues, including vaccine requirements, childcare access, student mental health, bail reform and more. The topics discussed and committee action items can be found at October meetings are scheduled for Oct. 19 and 20.

Executive Appropriations Highlights 

The Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst presented the 2021-22 Budget of the State of Utah to the Executive Appropriations Committee during September interim. This budget funds all our state’s needs, including education, transportation, outdoor recreation, affordable housing and more. You can read the full report here:

The Executive Appropriations Committee also discussed how the state can utilize ARPA funds to assist with our critical water needs, received an update on the new mental health facility at the University of Utah and reviewed a report from the homelessness council.

UtahRaptor State Park Update

Earlier this year, the Legislature passed H.B. 257 to create Utah Raptor State Park near Moab. New plans for development, engineering and design for the park are well underway. This new state park will include two new campgrounds with an estimated 60-70 individual campsites, a handful of group campsites, an entrance station, a visitor center and many other exciting amenities.

Military and Defense Economic Impact

The Utah Defense Alliance commissioned the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute to assess the economic impacts of Utah’s defense industry. Utah’s defense industry makes a substantial contribution to the state’s diverse economy, contributing 10.3% of the state’s employment and $13.9 billion in personal income. Listen to the presentation or read the full report at


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Upcoming Statewide Events

Dreamscapes Immersive Art Exhibit  (Salt Lake) Now until December, Thursday-Sunday

Cedar Saturday Market (Cedar City) Every Saturday

Tuacahn Saturday Market Every Saturday

Tuacahn Amphitheater (St. George) Outdoor theatre shows now until Oct. 21

Nature Hills Harvest Fest (Cedar City) Oct. 2-16

Moab Red Rock Festival Oct. 9

Fall Harvest Festival (Cache) Oct. 15-16

Fall Festival and Pumpkin Alley (St. George) Oct. 25

As always, thank you for the opportunity to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives. Please contact me with any questions or concerns by calling or texting me at (435) 979-6578 or by email at

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