Rep. Wilde Proposes New Decision Making Procedures With House Bill 288


As part of the 2019 legislative session, House Bill 288 (HB288) was pitched to the Utah House of Representatives.

This bill, presented by Representative Logan Wilde, has sparked controversy throughout the state of Utah due to it questioning who should control critical infrastructure materials. Designed to limit the ability of local government, this bill will work to determine issues such as gravel pits, mines and more.

This will be conducted rather than relegating the issues to the legislature under advisement from a committee, as done in the past. Many mining communities, areas like Carbon County, are upset with this move to non-localize decisions.

The creation of this proposed bill came from Rep. Wilde seeing complaints on localized decision making on such issues. According to Rep. Wilde, if there is a regional impact that results from these decisions, intervention from the state needs to take place.

If approved, the bill will limit the power of local government to the point that they are not able to make certain decisions that will affect property values and quality of life. Advisory committees will be formed to represent both residents and companies.

HB288 will continue through the 2019 legislative session for discussion and Rep. Wilde is open and willing to receive public input regarding the bill. Those that wish to contact Rep. Wilde may do so by clicking here.

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