Repeat Offender Arrested on 4 Counts of Sexual Abuse


A 53-year-old Price man was arrested for four counts of forcible sexual abuse on Tuesday, Aug. 18. Ronald Duane Bailey was booked into the Carbon County Jail on the charges, which are second degree felonies.

The incidents were reported by an adult female on Aug. 18 who stated that Bailey had been touching her vaginal area while she was sleeping. This reportedly happened on four different occasions and the victim confronted Bailey, who was scheduled to meet with his sex offense therapist as a condition of his parole for previous sex offenses.

“She said she asked Ronald Duane Bailey if he was going to tell his sex offense therapist about touching her while she slept,” the probable cause statement read. “She said his response was ‘I’m not going back to prison.'”

The victim called law enforcement when Bailey left for his appointment with his therapist. That same day, Aug. 18, she sent text messages to Bailey about the incidents.

“She asked Ronald Duane Bailey if he told his therapist about him touching her,” said the probable case statement. “His response was ‘no,’ indicating he was aware of the touching and being confronted about it.”

Reportedly, the victim confronted Bailey several times via text message. “Ronald Duane Bailey responded by saying ‘I will surrender to the police,’ ‘I never meant to hurt you,’ ‘You’re right, it’s my fault,’ ‘What do you want me to do?’ ‘I don’t know why I destroy everything,’ ‘I didn’t want to hurt you.'”

According to the statement, the text message responses from Bailey indicate his knowledge of knowingly and intentionally touching the victim as well as the harm and potential consequences of his actions.

In 2002, Bailey was convicted charges of sodomy of a child, aggravated sexual abuse of a child and attempted sodomy of a child.


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