Report on Fire Information Meeting at Carbon County Fairgrounds



This evening at 6pm Carbon County Officials and guest fire experts called a meeting at the Carbon County Fairgrounds in order to keep theВ citizens in the area informed of what is going on with the SeeleyВ Fire.

Darren Olsen conducted the meeting. В Olsen wasВ followed by Cheto Olais who is leading theВ Eastern Arizona Incident Management Team managing and taking over the current crew’s plans for fighting the fire.

Sheriff James Cordova, along with officer Wally Hendricks, discussedВ the evacuation access as of this evening. So far none of the previously evacuatedВ areas have been re-opened, and no newВ areas have been evacuated.

Carbon County Commissioners addressed concerns expressed by countyВ citizens leading up to the meeting. В  The Commissioners assured the publicВ that the officials are currently doing the best that they can with theВ resources that they have.

The overall meeting lasted about an hour. Olais alsoВ updated the group with current fire conditions. В The information is as follows:

Location: 15 miles North West of Huntington

Size: 15,790 Acres (previous estimate not verified)

Percent contained: 0%

Injuries to date: none

Property threatened: Historical USFS Guard Station. В  Outlying communities have been protected.

Number of personel: 210, Including 4 20-person hand crews

Equipment: 19 engines

Aircraft: 2 Helicopters

Estimated containment time: none

Cost to date: $300,000


The American Red Cross Shelter in Wellington has been closed asВ of today and will not be opened again unless our area is further



For more information go to and

For information on volunteering or for donations call 801-323-7000

other contact information:

Fire information: 435-636-3761

Evacuation info: 435-636-3746

Contact: Jonetta Trued, 520-400-1007

Website: www.inciweb/incident/2953/.org




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