Representative Albrecht Reports on Tail End of Legislative Session


Representative Albrecht presents his bill in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee along with Shelia Walsh McDonald of the Utah Department of Health. This bill passed out unanimously and awaits debate on the Senate Floor.

By Representative Carl Albrecht

There are only four days remaining in the 2017 Legislative Session, but that doesn’t mean the workload is winding down. In fact, it is quite the opposite. There are still many bills to consider. Much of the remaining four days will be spent on the floor debating bills and voting on the floor. Floor time is scheduled to go “as late as needed” Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, it is scheduled to go until midnight. This gives the legislature the time to still carefully consider each bill brought before us.

I have worked diligently this session and I feel like I have been a productive legislator. One of my bills, HB 48, has passed all the way through the House and Senate and has been enrolled. My other bill, HB 358, is on the Senate reading calendar and will be heard soon. I have also consistently attended the Conservative Caucus and Rural Caucus meetings. Friday, March 3 will be the last Rural Caucus meeting of the year. I have enjoyed being able to attend and participate with the concerns of those that represent different organizations in Rural Utah. I look forward to working with them in the Interim meetings this summer.

This has been an amazing experience for me. Being able to represent the people of District 70 has been an honor. Emery, Grand, Sanpete and Sevier counties all have a very special place in my heart, as I have spent my life in Southern Utah. My kids were raised in District 70 and my career was based throughout Southern Utah. I have been extremely humbled to give back to the District that has given so much to my family and me.

I look forward to the remainder of the session. There are still many things to discuss. Many hot issues are still out there: changes to liquor laws, highway bonding for projects throughout the State, firearms bills and tax reform, which would be revenue neutral to the citizens of the State. The State Budget is nearing finalization. It is amazing that Utah can balance its budget in 45 days. This is one reason Utah is the number one place in the country to do business. Now, we need to get some of those businesses to locate in Southern Utah and District 70. This is my subject to talk to leadership about how we can make this happen.

It is never too late to give feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I can be reached by email at or by call or text at (435) 979-6758. I can also be reached through my Intern at (385) 441-0627.

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