Request for Mineral Rights from Price City Denied


Scott Olsen has completed a course requirements to be awarded the designation as a Road Scholar Level One.

On Oct 23, a frustrated land owner approached Price City to request the acquisition of the mineral rights to the property he bought in lower Miller Creek from the city.

In January 2004, Keven Mortensen requested that the city consider selling him a parcel of property located approximately 3/4 of a mile south of Ridge Road. Mortensen wanted to construct a home and use the property as a take-off and landing strip to fly a powered parachute. The sale was approved, pending that it go through the proper bid process. The air strip and power parachute project fell through.

Even though Mortensen still lives on the property, the family is surrounded by oil and gas projects. He expressed that the noise and disruption are making things difficult. He wanted the mineral rights when he bought the property, however, Mortensen feels that the property was not advertised without the mineral rights.

Several members of Price City Council expressed concerns that Mortensen had entered into the purchase knowing that those rights were not included and that they are not in a position to undermine the previous decision.

Price City Building Development Planning and Zoning Director, Nick Tatton said that even if they decided to sell, the mineral rights would have to go out to bid. He expressed there had been interest from other sources for those rights. The council voted unanimously to leave the rights in Price City’s possession for the time being.

Price City Street and Fleet Coordinator, Scott Olsen (in photo above) has completed stringent training through the Utah Technical Assistance Program. He is only one of nine individuals state-wide that has finished the course. He achieved Road Scholar Level I. Olsen is looking forward to additional training opportunities as well as several other Price City personnel who would like to achieve this status.

In other business, the parks and recreation master plan was approved after a presentation by consultant Ken Young. Council members all expressed that many items in the plan would hinge on voters getting to the polls and approving the re-authorization of the ZAP Tax.

In addition, the library master plan was also adopted. The first phase of the town square project will get underway when construction starts this spring.

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