Request For Shuttle to Access Crystal Geyser Discussed by Green River City Council


On Wednesday evening, the city of Green River hosted its monthly city council meeting.

During the meeting, it was requested that a shuttle have access to Geyser Road with a pick up and drop off point for recreational use. Those requesting would provide a one million dollar insurance policy.

Crystal Geyser is a popular Green River destination. Located on the river’s east bank, the geyser has been known to erupt up to 130 feet at times.

A motion was made to approve the access request. All members seconded the motion and it was carried.

Another main item of discussion was a funding request for buying equipment for the public works department for the city. Some examples of the equipment needed were a sewer vacuum truck, two pickup trucks, an SUV for animal control use, a generator and a mini excavator for use at the cemetery. The total funds needed range from $275,000 to $335,000.

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