A resolution to notify those who have not used a right to a burial plot after 60 years that they must express interest in using the site or their rights will be terminated. Pursuant to City records the following individuals or entities have rights to lots, sites, or a portion of the Helper City Cemetery, which has been unused for burial purposes for more than 60 years:

1. Tony Bing
2. John Redo
3. Tony Bolen
4. Rose Sheya
5. Theodoro Bourasso
6. Anne Grandinetti

Any of the above or those claiming through them must file with the city recorder notice of any claim to the lot, site, or portion of the cemetery within 60 days after service or publication of this resolution, and express interest in maintaining the cemetery lot, site, or portion of the cemetery and submit satisfactory evidence of ownership an intention to use the lot, site, or portion of the cemetery for a burial.

-s-Jona Skerl
City Recorder

Published in the ETV Newspaper on July 1, July 8 and July 15, 2020.

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