Resolution Finally Reached on Former Senior Citizen Building and Tavern


A positive resolution was finally reached regarding the former Tavern and Carbon County Senior Center building in Price during the Wednesday evening Carbon County Commission meeting. Since October of 2019, the commissioners have been working to find a resolution on the building, which has fallen into disrepair.

At the meeting, Carbon County Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing opened the lone bid the county received for the building, which came from a well-known antique store currently located in Salt Lake City (SLC). The owner of Euro Treasures Antiques made a bid for all four parcels, including the old senior center building and parking lots, for $120,000. The owner is interested in relocating to Price and promised to invest a considerable amount of money in restoring the building and surrounding land.

Commissioner Casey Hopes remarked that they had received at least one phone call and a number of emails in support of the purchase. Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner made sure to inform the commissioners that they did not have to accept the bid, as it was well under the appraised price. However, Commissioner Hopes stated that, with the cost of tearing the building down as well as time put into the building in mind, he would be in favor of selling the property for the bid amount, unless there was a desire from his fellow commissioners to increase the price.

Commissioner Larry Jensen spoke of the time the commissioners have put into the building and that this individual is the only one that has come forward with any type of solid plan.

Local realtor Mike Metzger was present at the meeting and available to answer questions on the antique store owner’s behalf. At a minimum, he would like an abstract of the title to ensure that there are no liens on record. From there, he requested a formal deed. Other stipulations and fees were also discussed.

Commissioner Hopes remarked that the Boys & Girls Club, currently housed within the building, is aware of the intention of the building and he would like a bit of notice for them to be able to relocate. At this time, the club is providing services for those that are working through the pandemic and are in need of a place for their children or teens to be.

Bryner recommended proceeding through a title company and obtaining a title insurance policy, which could take place quickly. Commissioner Jensen then spoke on the fair amount of interest of the community to not tear down the building. Metzger informed the commissioners that the owner has been in business for 40 years and routinely brings in design students from local colleges and assists them in putting together a curriculum for interior design programs.

He has also sold products to many celebrities, who Metzger assured will follow him as he has the largest collection of antiques in SLC and a large number west of the Mississippi. The owner’s collection came from Liverpool and there was over 60,000 square feet of antiques that took over 60 shipping containers tightly packed to be brought to Utah.

The commissioners expressed their excitement at the prospects this individual will bring to the area before approving the sale of the building.

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