Resources Available for Families During School Closures


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The Be Awesome Online Statewide Initiative is a great resource for families to use during this time of school closures. In lieu of the parent workshops that were scheduled to take place in April we will be starting the daily challenges again on March 30th. This will provide families with important resources to have a 5-10 minute conversation each day on important topics related to internet safety.

The School Closure Resources Adventure provides an ongoing list of resources available for families to enjoy during this time to keep kids’ brains active and creative, involved, and actively engaged in the learning process. It includes information on everything from free internet access and learning resources, virtual tours, and activities on a wide variety of topics. The list will be updated daily, including adventures on timely topics.

The Discovery Family Program provides over 50 different activities for families on a wide variety of topics. Most importantly, this program provides parents with important information about how to incorporate all of the key protective factors measured by the SHARP survey into their daily interactions with their children.

My Discovery Destination! and Wonder Academy are collaborating to provide FREE magic classes for kids. These free WOW classes will be more than FUN; it will help kids develop self-confidence and learn key life skills. The first class will be held on Friday, March 27 at 3pm. Details on how to access this free class and all future free classes will be available in all My Discovery Destination! communities. You can access the information in your local community or in the USA community.

Additional Information:

Discovery Family Program:  

Resource List:                         March Madness School Closure Adventure

Be Awesome Online:    

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About My Discovery Destination!:

My Discovery Destination! Is about strengthening families and building character through providing FREE Family Fun for families to be able to CREATE and CAPTURE Memories while learning new skills, using imagination, and bonding as a family.

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