Reunion 50 Years in the Making


After 50 years of not seeing each other since working at Emma’s Beauty Shop, a trio’s friendship was finally reunited.

Margaret Colosimo, Rhoda Bordea and Maxine Wells worked together as beauticians for more than 25 years at Emma’s Beauty Shop in the 1960s and 70s. The beauty shop was owned my Emma Lambson and was located on Carbon Avenue in Price. It was eventually sold in 1979.

Recently, the trio reunited by having a lunch date one afternoon. Although the ladies have stayed in contact with one another over the years, this was the first time they have all been together at one time.

Colosimo recalled the day her father told her that maybe one day she would work at Emma’s Beauty Shop. The dream came true and eventually the statement turned into reality.

“It was so much fun to work there,” stated Colosimo. She then went on to recall some of the fun events that took place at the beauty parlor, including pajama parties and hosting surprise birthday parties in the shop.

“We formed friendships that we still have today,” Colosimo boasted. “We even keep in touch still.”

Colosimo now owns her own beauty shop called Hers and Sirs Styles. She stated that she still has some of the same clients she had when working at Emma’s Beauty Shop. She has even had the privilege of styling some of her former coworkers’ hair.


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