Ribbon Cutting Celebrates Upgrades at Pilot Thomas Logistics


Guy Adams of Pilot Thomas Logistics welcomed the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce, along with other members and entities of the community, on Friday afternoon for a celebratory re-opening and ribbon cutting at the business.

Adams explained that the business fell in in-opportune times during the pandemic and while in lock-down, they were unable to be a 24-hour facility for some time. Adams stated that this was inconvenient as many of their customers, such as the ambulance, sheriff’s office, trucking companies and more, require a 24-hour facility.

This operational change hurt business at Pilot Thomas Logistics. With this in mind, they put the money forward and were able to open once more under the right guidelines. The pumping system has been completely re-done and business has come back, according to Adams. The pumps are once again available for a 24-hour service.

Pilot Thomas Logistics is known for not only delivering premium fuels, but also offering lubricants, chemicals and petroleum solutions to customers. Pilot Thomas Logistics is located at 352 West Main Street in Price. For more information, call (435) 650-0094.



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