Richard Tatton Recognized for Over 40 Years of Service


On Wednesday evening, the Carbon County Planning Commission gave recognition to a deserving and long-standing member of their team. This was Richard Tatton, who served on the commission for over 40 years and attended his final meeting in December.

Todd Thorne of the Planning Commission stated that they could not have completed many of their projects and procedures without him. Thorne said that it was a surreal experience being in the first meeting without Tatton in over 42 years.

Tatton was presented a plaque and was thanked by Thorne for his service. He was also given a gift card for dining and golfing, as Thorne commented that he now has the time to spend on leisurely activities.

“Thanks for your service and helping us for all these years,” said Thorne.

Tatton then spoke, stating that he wanted to thank the commissioners past and present. He also gave congratulations to the commissioners for the staff that supports Thorne in all that he overtakes and accomplishes.

“It’s been a pleasure working with most of you,” Tatton joked, before urging the commissioners to take care of Thorne.

Commission Chair Tony Martines said that Tatton has always been an outstanding person with an amazing family. He said that over 40 years ago, Carbon County was a different place, and he thanked Tatton for his perseverance in helping to shape the county into what it is today.

Continuing, Commissioner Martines expressed his appreciation for Tatton and what he has done for the community. Commissioner Larry Jensen also spoke on how there are several county boards that help give the commissioners direction and said they are invaluable in helping them stay on course.

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