Rising Raptors After School Program Spends Time with College Athletes


Students of Sally Mauro, Wellington, Creekview, Bruin Point and Castle Heights elementary schools extended day program, Rising Raptors, were delighted with fun activities at the BDAC on Monday afternoon.

The students first received a snack and were then surprised with a gift, which once opened was found to be a book. After the gifts were opened, the athletes of USU Eastern were encouraged to read with the students.

“I love these fun activities,” said member Parker Quinn.

After the students read their books, they were welcomed to other activities such as knock-out, bingo, ping pong and duck-duck-goose with the college athletes.

Grant director for the Rising Raptors program, Alisa Morley, expressed her enthusiasm for the program. “I like the kids and how excited they are about learning; most are excited to come.”

This is a first-year program and has a number of clubs that students can join. The program is a tool that will be used to give youth a boost to add to the education that they are already receiving. Currently, the grant extends to the elementary schools in Carbon School District. However, as the program is run and the best practices for students and families are discovered, the hope is that the efforts can be extended with other partners throughout the community in order to help students of all ages.

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