River Development Vision Discussed at Green River City Council Meeting


A presentation was given during Tuesday’s Green River City Council meeting about the vision the city has to help improve areas surrounding the river. The vision includes trails that connect throughout the city and lead back to the river as well as improvements to the Riverside Park, areas around the museum and areas along I-70.

Other ideas that were discussed were to create better river access behind Westwinds, extend the trial near the museum, create a walkway along the historic flood levels by the river shore, and create access for paddle boards, tubes and small river boats near the museum and Riverside Park.

The goal with these improvements and additions is to increase opportunity for recreation within the city rather than having to drive 10+ miles to Swasey Beach or Crystal Geyser. In order to make this a reality, the city will need to seek grants such as boater access grants and outdoor recreation grants as well as attend grant workshops. Council members are also asking for assistance around the city as well as input and feedback.

Those wishing to share their feedback should visit Green River City’s website at www.greenriverutah.com.

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