Road and Basin Work Continues in Emery County


By Sara Price

At the Oct. 22 Emery County Commission meeting, commissioners approved contracts on several projects with Johansen & Tuttle Engineering, as well as UDOT for work on the South Moore County Road.

Commissioners hired Johansen & Tuttle Engineering to survey the recent flood damage in the county. They completed their assessment and estimate, which made it possible for the county to apply for FEMA funds to help repair the damage.

Johansen & Tuttle Engineering often works with the county on projects that require engineers. Current projects include the Huntington debris basin, the Huntington Canyon south debris basin and erosion control, as well as County Road 803 at south Moore.

The south debris basin was added when county officials realized there was enough money left over to complete both. So far the contractor has been able to clear the area, create access to the necessary areas, and create storage for debris. The engineering company reported that the progress has been slow and hopes that now the way is clear construction will pick up speed.

The County Road 803 project is part of an eight-year project to repair and upgrade the road between Moore and Eagle Canyon. The project is aided by federal grants. This final phase of the project will add acceleration and passing lanes at the SR 10 junction as well as at the mouth of Eagle Canyon.

Accidents have been reported due to the lack of passing lanes. Johansen & Tuttle Engineering will continue to work with UDOT to complete the changes. Commissioner James Nelson mentioned that this road would need constant maintenance once completed, due to unstable soil beneath the road.

Johansen & Tuttle Engineering confirmed Nelson’s concern. The soil moves with freeze thaw cycles as well as with the presence of water. However, funding for the project is on a “use it or lose it” basis and commissioners are choosing to use it. UDOT is reviewing the environmental impact report Johansen & Tuttle Engineering completed several years ago on this project and will decide whether or not it is sufficient to move forward on final road construction plans.

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