Road Chipping Crews Begin to Improve Price Roads


On Thursday, the Price City Police Department (PCPD) released an update regarding road repair and construction in the city.

The road chipping crews are presently hard at work in Price. Due to the recent stormy weather, the crew was on a delay, prompting the notices of dates given to be incorrect. As of Thursday, it was reported that the crews are presently chipping the following areas in town:

600 East from Main St. up to 400 North
400 East from Main St. up to 400 North
100 East from 500 North up to 900 North
400 North from 100 East to 300 East

The PCPD stated that the crews will begin chipping on Main Street Friday morning. They requested that residents assist the crews by having their vehicles and any other property off of the roads.

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