Robbie Mitchell and Team Win Big at the Imperial Valley 250


Price native Robbie Mitchell and a team of three other riders joined forces to compete at the Imperial Valley 250 on Saturday in Plaster City, Calif. The team grabbed the overall ATV and Class 25 title for the second straight SCORE race.

The Imperial Valley course, which covers 250 miles, was finished by the team in 6:09.01. During the race, team members took turns riding, and switched off at marked checkpoints. The team got off to a fast start, helping secure the win.

“We had a massive lead in the first of three laps,” Mitchell shared on his fan page. Jorie Williams of Washington started the race for the team.

“We were in first halfway through the first lap,” Mitchell explained. “Then, the other two teams broke down to where their quads were unable to finish by the end of the first lap.”

Disqualifications of the two teams made for easy riding for Mitchell and his team.

“The first time I got on the bike I was told to take it easy,” said Mitchell. “The second time I was told to take it even easier.”

The team cruised to the finish line, grabbing first place in just over six hours. Mitchell hopes to compete this weekend at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes.


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