Robbie Mitchell continues to show promise as a professional ATV racer


Robbie Mitchell, a born and raised Price resident, has been riding ATVs off-road for nine years. After just one year, he moved into the professional class for the first time at a California race. Mitchell races in the WORCS series and has been the top privateer racer in Utah for three years running, meaning that he has no factory sponsors supporting his career as a professional ATV rider. He is currently two points away from securing 3rd place in World Off-Road Championship Series.   In addition, the Price native was part of a winning team in the 2011 and 2013 Baja 250 off-road race in Mexico.

The ATV rider clearly has posed a threat to fellow racers in the past, despite a factor that would inhibit many riders from racing. Unknown to many people, Mitchell has been suffering from carpel tunnel since 2009, causing numbness in his hands that causes riding to be difficult and painful. Last October, Mitchell went under the knife for a surgery that would hopefully correct the problem. “I used to go numb and have to shake out my hands on every turn.” said Mitchell during a break while testing new shocks on his ATV last Friday. “Now, it feels awesome.” Fellow riders are sure to see many more podium finishes in this young rider’s future.

Mitchell will be racing in the WORCS series on July 13 at Pala Raceway in California. He has already secured two podium finishes throughout the series.

Mitchell continues to train for races in his favorite place to ride, the Price area.  Along with riding his ATV, he enjoys cross training on a motorcycle for variety and a fun challenge. Great support from his family allows the racer to practice safely, always providing a watchful eye while he is off-road. They also help fund his races and provide transportation to competitions throughout the country and even outside of the U.S.

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