Robbie Mitchell Continues to Tear Up Racing Circuit


Photo courtesy of Harlen Foley

By Scottie Kraync

Local ATV rider Robbie Mitchell took to the professional race track once again on Sept. 15 in Millford, Cali. Prior to the race, Mitchell practiced repeatedly on the track in preparation for the race and was ready to win.

Mitchell made an impressive shot out of the gate, coming out in second place. However, three laps in, Mitchell’s bike starting experiencing problems. A rough landing bent the sprocket and sprocket guard on his ATV, sending him to the pit for repairs. One lap after returning to the race, a large rock was flipped up by his tire and bent the new sprocket. The bike’s chain then became twisted, causing him to leave the track with the status of DNF (did not finish).

While the race did not go according to plan, another opportunity has presented itself to Mitchell. He has been offered an all-expense-paid trip to Holland to compete in the Quad Wars at Monster Jam. Mitchell has competed in the Quad Wars for eight years, but never in Holland. The racer left for the event on Wednesday and will participate in various ATV events throughout Monster Jam.

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