Robbie Mitchell Holds His Own at WORCS Race in Cedar City


Robbie Mitchell once again took part in a WORCS series race, this time in Cedar City. The racer arrived early, ready for a stream of practices and preparation.

The first day of practice did not go as planned for Mitchell.

“It was kind of a crazy weekend for me,” he shared on his fan page on Facebook. “During Friday practice, my practice bike wasn’t running right. I finished only one lap before I entered a corner at the beginning of the second lap too hot and went over a rut ripping my chain off and jamming it between the case and swing arm. I was towed back to my pit.”

After hours of maintenance on that bike, Mitchell took a second practice bike out for a test run the following day. The bike ran well for the most part despite some sputtering on the MX section of the course. The racer prepped his race bike and called it a night.

“Sunday morning rolled around and I was ready to race,” Mitchell said.

The race started with a quick gate drop where Mitchell secured the holeshot and led for most of the first lap before being passed on the off road. The off road continued to be a struggle for him as he dropped more positions during those laps.

“It was frustrating because I was only getting passed because the other guys had more top end speed than I did,” Mitchell explained. “I don’t like when races become more about who has the fastest top speed, rather than who is the more technical rider.”

The Price resident earned a respectable fifth place finish.

“I am happy with how I rode despite the finish,” he reflected. “I learned a lot about where I am physically and know that I have what it takes to win these races. With a little luck, it will happen.”

Mitchell will look for a podium finish in Washington on Aug. 3.


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