Robots Rule at High School VEX Competition *Video and Photo Gallery*


Carbon's Donald Olsen tests the operations of the team's robot at Theodore Larson and Aaron Anderson look on

Saturday, Nov 23, Carbon High  hosted a VEX Robot Tournament for high school robotic teams.

Sixteen teams competed including a team from Carbon. The teams are competing for the opportunity to advance to the Utah state tournament. Utah has consistently placed teams in the VEX Robot World Tournament, many of these teams were at the local competition last weekend.

Aaron Anderson  from Carbon High is the team’s lead programmer. Theodore Larson and Donald Olsen are Carbon’s robot engineers. Anderson and Larson are seniors this year, while Olsen is a sophomore.

While the team hopes to recruit a few more members,  adviser Elias Perez said that the team needs more help with community sponsors. Each VEX robot costs about $2,000 to build and operate. He thinks Carbon could field several more teams if they could gain community support.

The Carbon team expressed that the biggest asset gained throughout the building project was teamwork. Perez also noted that the students involved have learned problem solving skills. By working through design, engineering, research and math, the team will take what they learned in the classroom, and apply it to real world scenarios.

The robots are run through both team and individual competitions. They are designed to operate with a remote driver running their movements and have an autonomous program that steers them in one phase of the competition.

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