Round 2 Helper City Yard Awards Announced


The second round of the Helper City Yard Awards for 2020, spearheaded by Helper City Councilwoman Michelle Goldsmith, were presented on Friday, June 5. Two houses were chosen with residents that are clearly hardworking and eager to show their green thumbs.

The June Most Improved Yard Award was presented to Gary and Charlene Burnham. The couple had just recently relocated to the area and instantly began work on their yard to make it stand out to all that pass, including a sculpture made by Gary’s own hands that holds an array of flowers proudly in the yard.

The Yard of the Month for June was given to Michelle Fidell and her husband, Bob Olson, who reside near Gigliotti Pond. With a garden, an array of flowers and a unique landscape, the yard stood out to Goldsmith as one of the most beautiful in the city.

Those that have a yard they consider worthy of the awards are welcome to nominate themselves. Furthermore, nominations are accepted on yards that others notice. These nominations can be submitted at Helper City Hall.

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