Rue21 Added to List of Stores Closing in Price


As rumors circulated across the United States about the popular clothing store Rue21 filing bankruptcy sometime in April, the rumor gained validity. Rue21 announced this week that they will be closing down over 400 select stores, including the Price location.

Rue21 has been part of the Creekview Plaza in Price for almost four years. The store will be closing their doors in approximately two months.

“It’s true – we are closing this store. It was a difficult but necessary decision. Stop by and check out the deals before it’s too late. But the good news is we still have hundreds of locations across the country, and our website, open for business,” sharedd Rue21’s Creekview Plaza location website.

Closeout sales for the Price location will begin today.

The closure of this store adds to an already lengthy list of retailers who have either shut their doors or are in the process of shutting down shop in Price. Earlier this month, Payless ShoeSource announced the closure of its local store while JC Penney and Kmart closed permanently last year. Most of these closures were due to bankruptcy.

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