Rumor Has It USU Eastern Prepares Comedy for Public *Photo Gallery*


Following their production of the Pulitzer Prize winning drama, “Rabbit Hole,” the USU Eastern Theater Department is happy to offer the community a more light hearted comedy for them to enjoy: “Rumors” by Neil Simon.

“It is a farce,” explained director Dr. Corey A. Ewan. “It is funny, it’s what everybody seems to want to see because it’s a comedy.”

The story revolves around a group of friends who, upon visiting their friend’s home, find their associate, who also serves as deputy mayor of New York City, in his home having shot himself in the ear lobe.

Not wanting such news to reach reach the media and evolve into a larger problem, the friends take the matter upon themselves to protect the leader from possible scandal through a variety of means.

The production features new-comers to the university’s stage and veterans alike, with actors coming from across Utah and from outside of the state as well.

“It’s a great show and I’m excited for everyone to see it,” explained Donnie Owens, a native to the theater department. “I am very very lucky to be a part of this cast,” expressed Jordan Goyeau, a freshman at USU Eastern this year. “I’m really excited for opening night which is Thursday.”

The show, which premiers Thursday at the Peterson Black Box Theater in the university’s Central Instruction Building, is open to those over six years of age. Ticket prices include ten dollars for adults, seven for senior citizens, one dollar for USU Eastern students with a current activities card, and five dollars for faculty, staff and students from any other school.

“It’s going to be a show well-worth seeing,” Ewan continued. “I think you’ll leave feeling better than when you came in.”

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