Runaway Juveniles From St. Louis Located in Emery County


Press Release

Two girls, ages 13 and 14, who were listed as runaways from St. Louis, Missouri, were found safe in Green River, Utah yesterday thanks to an observant gas station clerk. The girls allegedly left home on Sunday, Feb. 5 and hired someone to drive them to Las Vegas. On the way to Las Vegas, the girls stopped at a gas station in Green River on Monday, Feb. 6. They intentionally left their cell phones in the restroom so they couldn’t be tracked and continued on to Las Vegas.

On Tuesday, the girls stopped at the same gas station in Green River and asked for their phones, which had been turned into a store clerk. The clerk became concerned and called Emery County Sheriff’s Office. A deputy responded, questioned the girls and took them into custody for transport to the juvenile detention facility in Price. The driver was questioned by ECSO detectives, who were in contact with law enforcement in St. Louis. The driver was allowed to return to St. Louis.

Law enforcement in St. Louis and the FBI will continue investigation of this incident.


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