BREAKING NEWS: Runaway Youth Found


Travis Turner, father of Jesse Turner who ran away with his girlfriend Mattea Jeffs in November, have been found in the L.A. area today.

The couple ran away on November 29. Turner found his son through Facebook.

“We just made contact with them today,” Turner said.

Turner had been keeping a close eye on Jesse’s Facebook account and today the effort finally paid off. Turner noticed there had been an attempt to change the password, and that the attempt came from the L.A. area. After further investigation, authorities were able to track the couple and now have them in custody.

“We haven’t even had a chance to talk to them and find out why they did this, but they are safe,” Turner said.

The duo departed on foot, and have not left any clue regarding theirВ whereabouts, neither have they left any clues through credit or debit card transactions. The couple had no known source of transportation. It is not yet known how they came to be in the L.A. area.

Check back with for more information as it is released.


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