Safety is the Biggest Treat on Halloween


This Thursday night, streets everywhere will be flooded with children eager to hit as many houses as possible to fill their bags with goodies. Each year, warnings go out for Halloween safety, but with the excitement of the night, it can be easy to forget some basic safety tips.

Price City Police Chief, Kevin Drolc stresses the importance of making sure children are supervised while gathering treats. All Price residents will see trick-or-treat activity, however, northeast Price is one of the heaviest hit areas each Halloween night. The Westwood area west of town is also a hot spot for costumed children.

If a parent feels that their child is old enough to go without a parent, at least have them go with a group. Also discuss the route and agree on a curfew. Give older kids cell phones so they can stay in touch, but remind them not to be texting or talking while actually walking door-to-door and stay alert.

Be most cautious during the “deadliest” hours, between 5 and 9 p.m. A study shows, that the hour between 6 and 7 p.m. is especially dangerous for pedestrian accidents. Holding young children’s hands when possible will keep them from darting across streets. And if necessary to walk on the street, keep to the far left facing traffic.

Halloween night is a great time for parents to practice safe street crossing with children. For example, use crosswalks, wait at corners and look left, right and left again before crossing the street.

Use reflective tape or glow sticks on costumes to make children more visible. Also have them carry a flashlight. If it is cold, put reflective material on coats and hats

Make sure costumes and shoes are the correct size to prevent tripping. Use face paint and leave  masks at home because they limit vision.

Drolc reminds drivers to be extra alert for children this Thursday; even in areas they are not expecting trick-or-treaters to be in. Eliminate in-car distractions such as cell phone usage. Drive slowly while in areas with children present. Pull in and out of driveways carefully. Watch for other drivers making sudden or unexpected stops or turns.

If a teen is driving, make sure to discuss these driving pointers with them. Drivers ages 15–25 were involved in around one-third of fatal accidents involving child pedestrians on Halloween.

If passing out treats at home, make sure to keep the home brightly lit both indoors and out. Clean debris and other obstacles from lawns, sidewalks and steps to eliminate trip hazards. Use battery-operated candles in jack-o’-lanterns or other areas where costumed trick-or-treaters will be instead of traditional candles.

For both the safety of the visitors and to reduce the stress on animals, keep pets kenneled or in another room while trick-or-treaters are coming by.

Remind kids of stranger danger on Halloween. Have children visit only well-lit homes, avoid dark streets and not enter a home that is not their own. Kids should show all their candy to parents before eating any. Homemade treats from people they don’t know should not be consumed.

Price City Police will patrol the area heavily while watching out for kids and drivers this Thursday night. Drolc wants everyone to have a safe and fun Halloween.

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