Salas Tops Field in Green River


It was Emery’s turn to host Region 12 golf on Thursday as the teams met in Green River.

Again, it was Bode Salas of Carbon leading the way with a 76 stroke-round. Daron Garner was right behind with his 78 strokes. The Dinos were rounded off by Kyler Clark and Branden Scovill with an 83 and 84, respectively.

Trevin Wakefield topped the Spartans with 77 strokes. He was followed by Kavery Killpack with an 83 round, Joey Leonard with a 90 round and Kade Larsen with a 92 round.

Richfield took first with a strong 312. Carbon followed close behind with a 321 while Emery took third with a 342 score. Canyon View came in fourth with a 347.

The teams will next head to Palisades on Thursday.

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