Salas Wraps Up Region Title


ETV News stock photo

The golf region finale occurred on Wednesday at Cove View in Richfield. Once more, Bode Salas led the field with a 70, clinching the individual region title.

Meanwhile, the Wildcats took region as a team, scoring 303 on the day for a total of 1,822. The Dinos came in second with a 308 round for a total of 1,867. Next were the Spartans (2,060), who had their best round of the season with a 328. Grand (2,082) came in fourth in the region with Canyon View (2,117) in fifth.

Following Salas, the next scoring Dinos were Kyler Clark (77), Daron Garner (80) and Jack Hedin (81). Garner may not have had his best day, but he finished sixth overall in Region 12 with Clark in eighth. For Emery, Joey Leonard had his best day by far, scoring a 77. Next came Kade Larsen with an 81, Dempsey Toomer with an 85 and Carter Huntington with an 86.

The next match will be the state tournament, which will also take place at Cove View. The first round will be played on Oct. 5. While Carbon already knows it qualified as a team for state, the Spartans will have to wait and see.

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