Sally Mauro Elementary Works to Make the Community Better


Sally Mauro students at the Utah State Capitol

Carbon School District Press Release

The holidays are the time of year when the schools in the area want to get involved in helping people and Sally Mauro Elementary is no exception.

“We did a food drive before Thanksgiving, and our students raised over 2000 lbs. of food,” said principal Jarad Hardy. “Mrs. Cox’s class brought in the most food, so the students got to throw pies at me. Many of these same students won the most food brought in when they were in first grade, so this was their second time getting to hit me with a pie. Our community is so generous and we are proud of that.”

For Christmas, there was a candy cane sale that takes place at lunch time for a few days. The money raised from that goes to help a family in need in the community. Those who receive it are selected by student government. The money is given in the form of a gift card. Hardy said that in 2017, the school raised over $400.

Hardy also talked about the leveled reading program the district has adopted and how it is working in the school.

“Out of the five grades (first through fifth), at least 50 percent of the students have moved up two reading levels,” he explained. “Obviously, that is very good growth in the reading levels at our school.”

He said it is such a huge part of what is being done in the school this year. On top of that, the students are really enjoying it.

“One little guy moved up a reading level and then he looked over and said ‘But there are two other books on my old level that I wanted to read before I moved up,’” stated Hardy with a smile on his face. “He was unhappy because he wanted to read those. The fact is we can see a real difference in most of the kids and their reading habits. You can just see the excitement in their faces.”

Hardy also added that recently the fourth grade got to take a tour of the Utah State Capitol and they learned a lot from that.

“It gave them a feel for the building and how the process of governing the state works,” explained Hardy.

One of their teaches also saw what the tour did for the students.

“The students really enjoyed their trip to the Utah State Capitol,” said Mrs. Parry. “They were able to see the House and the Senate chambers and the Governor’s office and learn a little bit more about how our Utah State government works and learn about their rights and responsibilities as citizens.”

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