Sally Mauro Hosts Annual Constitution Bee


Friends and family of students at Sally Mauro Elementary School gathered together on Wednesday to test some of the kids’ smarts in an annual constitution bee. It is much like a spelling bee and was hosted by the members of the Lions Club. The gentlemen of the club took turns asking each student a question about the Constitution, and in typical fashion of a spelling bee and similar competitions, students were slowly eliminated until a lone student remained.

The competing students were Daron Garner, Kinley Cowdell, Ian Kranendonk, Daisy Maue, Tamara Sosa and Jared Saccomanno. Each student showed a great knowledge of American history. First place went to Jared Saccomanno, second place to Kinley Cowdell and coming in at third was Ian Kranendonk. Each student was awarded a cash prize, with the first place student getting the most. The Constitution Bee will be hosted at all the surrounding elementary schools in Carbon School District in the near future.

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