Sally Mauro Students Sign Off as Published Authors and Illustrators


To finish off the year on a high note, 17 students that participated in Sally Mauro Elementary’s after school program Rising Raptors hosted a book signing party last week for their published book, “The Rising Raptors World of Animals.”

Students ranging from first to fifth grade began working on this project with the goal to become published authors and illustrators. As a group, the students chose to write their book about their favorite animals and they voted on the title. Each student was able to create their own story and illustration, along with a colored graphic for the cover.

“I just loved watching all the effort they put into writing,” said Sally Mauro Elementary’s Christina Brown. “We didn’t correct any of their spelling. We just let them write it the way they wanted to write it.”

The students’ book was prepared in a free program Scholastic offers to schools with the opportunity of getting one book published at no cost. However, Brown wanted each student to have to opportunity to own a printed copy of the book but didn’t want the families to have to bare the cost.

“I know it wouldn’t have been as meaningful to the kids if they didn’t take home a copy,” said Brown.

Brown connected with Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman for donations. Within a week, Peterman was able to acquire more than enough donations so that not only did each student receive a copy, but the school was able to keep a few of the books.

During the book signing party, family members and friends were asked to attend on the lawn just outside the school. The students were able to sign books and their stories were read aloud to the group.

The inside cover of the students’ book read a message from the after-school programs advisors, “We are so proud of all the work you put into this writing project. Even though, at the end of a long school day over numerous weeks, the last thing many of you wanted to do was more writing. But, because of each one of you stuck to it, we were able to accomplish our goal to become published authors and illustrators by the end of the year. Your unique and colorful personalities shine throughout this book and we hope you will enjoy it for years to come. – Mrs. Brown, Ms. Cindy and Ralph.”

With the six-week project coming to an end along with the school year, Brown was thrilled that the students were able to complete their goal and to share the experience with their family and friends.

“The cumulation of everything, they just loved being able to share it with their families and everybody that was there,” said Brown.

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