Sally Mauro Students Spread Kindness *Photo Gallery*


Sally Mauro students that participate in the Rising Raptors after school program took a chance to spread kindness on Wednesday afternoon. This opportunity brought the children to the Helper River Walkway for a project called “Kindness Rocks.”

The project began at the school as the students were given rocks and paint supplies. They were encouraged to use their creativity to paint the rocks with fun and kindness in mind. The students each had a chance to paint their own unique rock for the project.

The next phase of Kindness Rocks had the students trekking from Sally Mauro to the walkway. Once there, the participants had ample time to find the perfect place to leave their rock. Many nooks and crannies attracted the attention of the students as they left rocks in trees, under plants and near monuments.

According to the Rising Raptors coordinators, the project aimed to bring a smile to not only the students’ faces, but also those who happen upon the rocks. Those that find the rocks can take them home or leave them for the next person to find. Members of the community can also leave their own rocks to keep the hunt going.

Those that enjoy the walkway are urged to keep an eye out for the painted rocks as they traverse the path. Sally Mauro students demonstrated this as they hunted for rocks that others had left previously between placing their own additions for the project.

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